Fashion inspired by code

Recursion is defined as "the repeated application of a recursive procedure or definition".

There are many examples of recursion and there is something appealing when it is applied visually. It is from this concept that 'Recursion Clothing' was born. We are on a mission to create items of clothing that have subtle emblems that are founded in working source code, which we will share. Whether you are technical or not you can still enjoy our clothing brand.

Our first emblem 'Triangle' is inspired by the Sierpinski Triangle, a fractal described in 1915 by Waclaw Sierpinski. This pattern is created by finding the midpoints on a triangle and connecting these to make smaller triangles inside. This is then repeated up to an infinite number of iterations for each triangle. For our take on this we implemented the pattern in Python using it's turtle graphics module (like the LOGO programming language you may have used or heard of). Check out our code and try it yourself.

Python Triangle Implementation

Our founding pattern is also our logo and you can now buy a range of clothing items featuring this in our store. More designs to follow so be sure to sign-up to our newsletter to keep updated.